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Year 4

Teachers: Mrs Teeling (4T),  Mrs Webster & Mrs Mold (4HW), Miss Lister (4L)

Support staff Mrs Burlow, Mrs Barry, Miss Stannell, Miss Fosh, Mrs Hopwood, Mrs Sayyed,  Miss O'Mahoney, Mrs Ahayoun

The summer term has got off to a great start with our new class book, There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sacher. We will be basing our English lessons on this thought-provoking text and using it to inspire our writing.

Of course, the main excitement in year 4 this half term is our upcoming trip to Juniper Hall. Our geography topic is based on map work of this area and our science topic of Living Things will also be supported by our day at this Field Studies Centre.

In other areas of the curriculum, we will be studying the Dr Who theme tune, learning about Hinduism and learning the names of animals in French. In maths, we are continuing our understanding of decimals and applying this to money.