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School Meals

Hot Lunch Menu

The school's hot lunch menu changes regularly and favourites feature alongside new, innovative dishes. All allergies are catered for - please ensure your child's Arbor record is up to date.

Children can choose daily between either the main or vegetarian/vegan meal options, select from two hot vegetables and also add as many items as they wish from the salad bar, fresh bread and fresh fruit. 

Menu for the Summer Term 2024


The school also regularly holds theme days which celebrate different cultures and offer students an opportunity to sample foods from other countries/cultures.

Accent Catering

School meals at Sheen Mount are provided by Accent Catering

The catering service at Sheen Mount Primary School has been provided by Accent Catering Services since January 2013. Accent’s Head Chef works very closely with the team at Sheen Mount to promote the service. All comments that can help the kitchen team and Accent to improve the provision of its service to the school are greatly appreciated and pupils are regularly surveyed in the dining hall for their feedback.

Accent Catering works with a consultant dietician and is an active member of the Food Standard’s Agency “Health Catering” sector and is accredited with achieving 98.3% fresh food, produced on site at school. 

Each day a main meal or a pre-arranged vegetarian/vegan dish is available, along with freshly cooked vegetables, homemade bread and an extensive salad bar, all freshly made on the premises. All desserts are made on the premises from fresh ingredients, not mixes. Yogurt and fresh fruit feature widely on our menus, helping children to achieve that goal of “five a day” fruit & vegetables.

More information on Accent Catering

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Environmental Considerations

Sustainable sourcing, fair-trade and food miles are all taken very seriously. All Accent's food is made from the freshest ingredients that, where possible, are locally sourced. The meat and poultry used  is British and Accent uses only Free Range eggs.  75% of  fruit and vegetables served are grown in Britain. Where used, packaging is in many cases made from recycled materials.

Accent Catering Commitment

Accent Catering is committed to provide a quality food offer that is seasonal, responsible, healthy and prepared fresh on site each day;

- A quality team that is well-trained, experienced, motivated and proud to serve the children of Sheen Mount;

- A quality service delivered through customer focus, working partnerships and attention to the little details.


Paying for lunches

Lunches for Key Stage 2 children (children in years 3-6) need to be paid for  at least half-termly, in advance. Payments are made via  Arbor

Select your child's lunches account and then "Top Up" to load the required amount for the (half-)term onto the account. Arbor then deducts the cost of lunch daily so you will see your balance gradually going down. 

Changes to/from packed lunch can only be made at the beginning of every half term, in writing by emailing the school office. 

The cost for the first half of the Summer term 2022 for pupils in years 3,5 and 6 is £64.48

Because year 4 will be at Juniper Hall for three days, their lunches will cost £57.04

Lunches for Reception and Key Stage 1 children (Y1 and Y2) are funded directly to the school by the government so no payment from parents is therefore required until year 3. 

School trips & packed lunches

The school incurs an additional charge for packed lunches required for school trips, sporting activities, etc. There will therefore be an additional charge of £0.18 per applicable day for this and we will contact you at the time to request that you top-up additional funds to cover this, or you can increase your initial top up if you prefer.

Free school meals

Did you know you that you could be entitled to Free School Meals, even in Key Stage 2? Or that, if you are eligible, the school receives additional funding to help with your child's educational needs, even if your child is in Reception or Key Stage 1 (when the meals themselves are provided by the Universal Infant Free School Meals programme for all pupils)? Whatever your child's age, it is worth checking whether you are eligible and you can do so easily by clicking on this link: . 

School Milk

Parents can register their children to receive milk at school every day via the Cool Milk website. Children who are registered will receive their milk without charge until they are 5 years old.

Packed lunches 

The school is proud of its exceptionally high uptake of hot meals, but you may opt to provide your child with a packed lunch. 

Packed lunches

We teach and promote healthy eating on the basis that a well-balanced diet can have a positive impact on children’s health, behaviour and achievement. If your child is bringing a packed lunch to school, please read the following guidelines:

✔ The food provided should be simple and easily eaten

✔ The main element should be savoury – such as a sandwich, filled pitta bread, wrap, pasta, potato or rice

✔ Include some protein such as lean meat, chicken, tuna, ham, cheese, egg or hummus

✔ A portion of fruit and veg, e.g. sticks of cucumber, celery or carrot, alongside a piece of fruit

✔ A portion of dairy food such as cheese, milk, yoghurt or fromage frais

✔ A drink - milk or water are the best choices for children's teeth, the school will provide drinking water.

Although we do not recommend sweet desserts, we accept that you may wish to pack your child a small piece of cake, biscuit or homemade treat 

✘ Please do not provide your child with crisps or confectionery such as chocolate bars and sweets

Healthy Snacks at Breaktime

If your child is bringing in a snack for breaktime :

✔ The food provided should be simple and easily eaten 

✔ Please select from fruit, peeled vegetables or dried fruit