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Year 3

Teachers: Miss Breckon (3B), Miss Costa, (3C) and Miss Hopwood (3H)

TAs: Mrs Kuzmina, Mrs McCabe, Miss Pitulec and Mrs Rao

Spring Bulletin

We have really enjoyed welcoming the children back to school this term. We have been really impressed with how quickly they have settled back in.

In English, we have been using our core text 'Matilda' to empathise with characters and their experiences. We have also written a newspaper report about the 'chocolate cake incident' with Bruce Bogtrotter. As we have loved learning about Roald Dahl's books, we also learnt about the illustrator who has worked so closely with him, Quentin Blake. The children got very creative and used watercolours and ink pens to recreate Blake's style of illustrations - they look professional!  In maths, we have been reading, interpreting and drawing tally charts and pictograms to represent data they have collected. In science we have been learning about light and shadows and we have started to design our shadow puppet theatres which we will make next week. In our history topic about our local area, we have enjoyed debating for and against the coming of the railway. It was fantastic to hear the children debating their side of the argument so clearly and confidently, as well as listening carefully to each others' points of view and responding appropriately to the comments made.

We hope they have enjoyed being back in school as much as we have enjoyed having them!

Miss Hopwood, Miss Costa and Miss Breckon