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Year 3

Teachers: Mrs Teeling (3T), Miss Fosh, (3F) Miss Mortimer and Mrs Nesbitt(3MN)

TAs: Mrs Davies, Mrs Kuzmina, Mrs Donnelly

Welcome to year 3 where the children have made a fabulous start to their KS2 journey. We have been busy comparing the geography and the temperatures of 4 different places around the world which are all called Richmond which has allowed us to discuss the equator, lines of latitude, temperate climate zones, time zones, urban versus rural locations  and climate. We are enjoying our class book, The Firework Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman, and have been using this to inspire our writing. 

In other areas of the curriculum this half term, we will be learning the names of different animals in French,  learning about celebrations in the Jewish Faith, learning how to touch type and doing lots of PE. Our swimming lessons will begin in the first week of December.