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Year 2

Miss Bakrania (Owls) Mrs Kennedy/Mrs Jeffery(Doves) Miss Coombs (Robins)

TAs/1:1 LSAs: Patricia Mundo, Mrs Day, Miss Pitulec, Mrs Hazel, Mrs Lawrence, Miss House, Miss Donnelly, Miss Marano, Mrs Sayyed 

What a great start the children have had in Year 2 already! We are pleased with how they have settled in and are adjusting to the new routines. The children have completed some activities to help with transition back to school and to settle within a new year group.

We have also introduced our topic this term all about the Great Fire of London and have begun investigating facts about the fire.

In circle time, we have been focussing on the value of ‘unity and developing our skills to work together as a team which we have also used in PE.

In English, we are learning about the work of Oliver Jeffers starting off with ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. The children will be writing descriptively about characters.  When writing we will be focussing on the following punctuation and grammar, full stops, capital letter, commas as well as conjunctions.

In Maths we are consolidating the children’s understanding of numbers by reading, writing, ordering on a number line, making and comparing numbers using symbols.  We have recapped using number bonds in particular, and related addition and subtraction facts.

Our Science topic for this half term is Scientific Enquiry skills. The children will be learning how to make observations, recordings and predict and take part in fair testing through a range of simple scientific investigations.

We would really appreciate your help in reading with your child regularly at home and ensuring their reading record is in their book bag each day. Please go to the Google Classroom for more phonics materials to use at home.

If you have any questions please get in touch with your class teacher. Thank you once again.