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Telmo Valido


Governor Position held

Parent Governor, appointed by parents

Appointment date and term 14th December 2020, for 4 years

Why did you want to be a Governor?



Being a parent of 3 kids that attend the school, I find Sheen Mount a fascinating organisation. While I have experience working in governing bodies of large commercial organisations, I wanted to join a high-impact purpose-driven organisation such as Sheen Mount.

Which Committee do you sit on?


What do you do when you are not being a Governor?



Professionally, I am a results-oriented and purpose-driven investor and co-lead a team that identifies and executes large Private Equity transactions across Europe. We partner with management teams to deliver outstanding performance. Outside of work, I enjoy sports and travel with the family.

During your time on the governing body, what achievement has made you most proud?


I am brand new to Sheen Mount’s governing body and I look forward to working with my fellow Governors and the executive team to deliver outstanding results in line with the vision and mission of the school.

Sum up Sheen Mount in 3 words

Vibrant; challenging; inclusive