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Dormice Class
Mr Knol (Class Teacher), Miss Hartland (Teaching Assistant) and Miss Smith (Teaching Assistant)
Rabbits Class
Mrs Hope-Evans (Class Teacher Monday-Wednesday), Mrs Porter (Class Teacher Thursday-Friday), Mrs Matthai (Teaching Assistant) and Miss Martens (Teaching Assistant)
Squirrels Class
Mr Stefanini (Class Teacher), Mrs Newman (Teaching Assistant), Mrs Pascual (Teaching Assistant) and Miss Hillier (Teaching Assistant)


Summer Term 1

Wow, we have welcomed back some very tall children after the Easter break! 

 Rabbits, Dormice and Squirrels are thoroughly enjoying themselves exploring traditional tales; learning the stories and how to tell them with pace, rhythm and fluency. The much-loved 'Dinosaur Museum' role-play in each classroom has now been replaced with a 'Once upon a time' performing area and the children are busying themselves making puppets, reading stories and drawing story-maps. Some of the tales we are going to be learning this half-term are:

The Little Red Hen

The Gingerbread Man

The Three Little Pigs

The Enormous Turnip

The Three Billy Goats

We are having lots of fun exploring our numbers to ten and learning pairs of numbers that make this brilliant number as well as investigating number doubles and deciding what makes a number odd or even.

We are continuing to monitor the changing seasons and have been working hard to plant seeds and bulbs in our outside area. Every day we look to see signs of growth and love to use our rulers to investigate them. You will see our wonderful scarecrows outside too, carefully guarding our planting area...although we should really call them 'Scare-Squirrels' as our little grey neighbours with bushy tails are very mischievous!