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At Sheen Mount, musical performance is an integral part of our creative arts curriculum. From the early years, children are expected to take pride in, and enjoy, performing in front of their peers, their families and the local and wider community. Every opportunity for this to happen is taken.

All children have regular, sustained experiences which are essential for good musical progress. These include composition, performance, listening, reviewing and appraising music. They are taught to respect and play instruments, building on prior skills and learning. They are introduced to music from other cultures and historical periods and helped to develop an appreciation that modern music is built on these foundations.

Children understand how music is an art form and is relevant to aspects of everyday life and how it is applied to the wider world.

Most music lessons at Sheen Mount are provided by the Richmond Music Trust. At the present time we have children learning flute, recorder, trumpet, violin, guitar, percussion and singing.  Any questions regarding the classes should be raised with the Trust directly.

Recorder is taught from Year 2 to Year 6. Most children wait until they reach Key Stage 2 before learning an orchestral instrument. If your child wishes to learn any of the above, please apply directly to