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At Sheen Mount, we follow the national curriculum but we determine how we plan and deliver it, alongside other important learning experiences, to give our children the very best chance to achieve their potential. Our curriculum is broad, balanced and challenging and we are constantly developing and adapting it so that it can continue to be successful. We have the highest expectations of our children and encourage them to be ambitious and aspirational in their learning and in the quality of the work they produce. A love of reading is promoted and children are encouraged to read widely to deepen their understanding. We provide rich learning opportunities which build on the children’s existing understanding and life experiences and reflect their diversity.  We expect the children to develop the essential skills and knowledge they will need to be well educated and creative young people who are ready for every opportunity that they will encounter. Our curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been learnt before, with clear end points, and we think carefully about preparing children for the next stage of their education. We want Sheen Mount children to be responsible and willing to give back to society, we want them to be eager to become lifelong learners and we want them to respond positively, and with resilience, to their own experiences in life.

How to Navigate our Sheen Mount Curriculum Information

There is a curriculum map for each subject area and you will find these under each subject name to the right of this box. Each Year group also has a curriculum map which you will find under Year Groups.

Below this box you will also find the DfE Primary National Curriculum.