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Classlist - parent communication app

Classlist is a parent app that brings you into the heart of our school community. The ambition is to create a safe and inclusive communications channel that we believe will help us to build a stronger school community at Sheen Mount. 

It helps us all to:

  • connect with other - to meet parents and carers within our own classes, year group and whole school
  • plan and create events, gathering and interest groups
  • fundraise and raise money for our school.

Classlist is a UK-based and fully GDPR compliant.

Every Sheen Mount parent and carer has to comply with the Classlist Community Guidelines.

To join Classlist you must be an existing parent or carer with a child at Sheen Mount.

For new joiners, please speak to your Classrep who will be able to help you get set up.

Sign up via appstore on android and iphone.