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Christmas is coming

The children in Year 6 are continuing to work hard in the run up to the end of term. 

In science, we have learned about how animals have adapted to their environment over time. In geography, we have built upon our understanding of the growth of cities based on their geographical location. The children are becoming increasingly confident in building sentences with the vocabulary that we have learned and speaking these sentences to each other in French.  Trѐs bien!

Preparations for the Christmas Carol Concert are now at full throttle under the expert guidance of Mrs Adams, Mrs Boa and Mrs O’Brien. We can’t wait to hear the children performing their songs in Christ Church on the evening of Wednesday 20th.

However, it hasn’t been all work and no play!  Last Wednesday, we all went along to Ibstock Place school to watch their performance of ‘Alice’ based on Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’.  The children were amazed by the quality of the acting, the costumes and the staging (and the ice cream, as ever, proved popular too).

In English, the children have been writing winter-themed poetry. You will hear some of their poems at the Carol Concert. Here are some others that we really enjoyed reading:

Winter by Jamie Simpson

In the depths of winter,

Snow fell…

Muffling the sound of cars starting,

I love the fires,

And sleeping comfortably in the night,

Hot chocolate warming up my soul,

Watching telly on my sofa,

Trees towering, shadowing the town

Blanketed in snow.


Winter’s Wonder by Daniel England

Frosty fields,

Falling cold snow,

Winter white glow,

Winds turn into a fierce blow.


Wrap up warm,

Not so much light,

Fires are bright,

What a brisk winter delight!


Frost growing,

Snowflakes toppling,

Snowfall dropping,

People flopping into snow.


Ears are red,

Cold ice is found,

On frozen ground,

While snow tumbles down to Earth.


Coats are zipped,

To play in snow,

While we ponder,

On winter’s wonder.


A Winter’s Morning by Flora Viegas Groves

Crispy air

Delicate snowfall

Frosted lakes

Branches swaying


Cosy cocoa

In my hands

People cheering

Church bell ringing


Deer trotting

O soft snow

Robins chirping

On ice branches


Sun tip mountains

Sunrise sparkling

Crystal blue

Pink morning


Winter Wonderland

Holidays are here

Wrap up warm

The spirit's all around you