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A fossil to fuel our learning

The pupils in Year 6 have been acting as palaeontologists this week. They have learnt how fossils are formed and used their existing knowledge to piece together fossil evidence to reconstruct a realistic prehistoric animal.

In English, they have been working to improve their non-fiction writing by creating a factsheet on the notorious Yellow Spotted Lizard, a deadly creature which features in our core text, “Holes”.  In history, we were able to learn about the experience of German children in the build up to and during World War II – huge thanks to Mrs Normann for preparing and delivering these lessons!  We have now started our new humanities topic which looks at the human and physical geography of the United Kingdom.  In our indoor PE lessons, we have amazed our teachers with our teamwork skills, physical flexibility and core strength, which have enabled us to develop a number of counter-balance and counter-tension group balances.