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Queen Elizabeth and the Seven Decades

Dear Year 6, 

Well done for your wonderful performance in our Year 6 production. It was brilliant to see that all of your hard work was appreciated by such a large audience and you all did yourselves proud. You delivered your lines with confidence, supported each other on and off the stage and sung your hearts out! A big thank you to the audience for participating fully, laughing at the bad gags, and getting a sweat on with Jane Fonda's workout. 

This production has been a lovely way to round off a fantastic year with a great group of children. We know that you are all ready to take on the next challenge of secondary school and we hope that you draw confidence from your achievements here at Sheen Mount. 

We are looking forward to further celebrations next week at our Leavers Assembly and Year 6 picnic. 

Best wishes, 

From your proud teachers and Year 6 team