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Bella Pasta!

We have loved this week! The children have had the opportunity to research and evaluate tomato sauce by taste testing a range of commercially available sauces. They then used this information to develop their own recipe. We practised knife skills, including using a bridge and claw grip, and finely diced onion and garlic. We then headed to the kitchen and got sautéing. We enjoyed adding our own ingredients to the basic sauce including chilli flakes and fresh herbs from our school garden. We then taste tested our own sauce and evaluated it against the same criteria as earlier.

Additionally, the children have made their own fresh pasta. We had great fun getting stuck in with our hands to bring our dough together as instructed by Gennaro Contaldo on Youtube. We then rolled the dough and shaped it into farfalle, pappardelle and fusilli. 

Finally, the children evaluated a range of sauce packaging and then designed their own before learning all about seasonality of our ingredients.  

Please look at the DT section off to the right to find more photos of this process.