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Year 6 News



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  • Goodbye and good luck!

    Published 17/07/24

    All of the children in Year 6 deserve a huge amount of credit for their performances in our production this week.

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  • Fairgrounds and rehearsals

    Published 03/07/24

    In design and technology, the Year 6 children have investigated how fairground rides work so that we will be better able to plan, construct and evaluate our own model.

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  • Careers and finance

    Published 19/06/24

    Over the past two weeks, the children in Year 6 have been learning about financial literacy so that we are better able to manage our money when we are older. Here we are showing off our acting skills while learning about how money first developed as a means of helping people to trade with each other.

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  • Adventures in Year 6

    Published 05/06/24

    The children in Year 6 have achieved so much in the past few weeks.

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  • Breakfast time

    Published 15/05/24

    The Year 6 children this week have continued to do what Sheen Mount children do every year when it comes to taking their SATs – they have shown a calm and mature attitude and endeavoured to make the most of their ability.  All of the teachers have been really impressed with the children’s attitude.  Here are some of the children relaxing before Wednesday morning’s maths papers at their pre-SATs breakfast. 

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  • Making ripples

    Published 01/05/24

    Over the past two weeks, the children in Year 6 have enjoyed developing their music skills by learning to play ‘Ripples’ by Lily May on a range of tuned percussion instruments.  

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  • A flying start to the summer term

    Published 17/04/24

    We have had a great start to the summer term in Year 6. In PE, we are beginning our unit of work looking at athletics. Here is Mr Brown demonstrating a sprint start.

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  • Junior Citizen

    Published 21/03/24

    On the afternoon of 13th March, Year 6 went to Holly Lodge in Richmond Park to attend the Junior Citizen scheme.

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  • Platinum day

    Published 06/03/24

    The children in Year 6 have worked really hard over the past two weeks to show their teachers how much progress they have made during their time in Year 6.

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  • Bella pasta!

    Published 21/02/24

    We had a great time in Year 6 during our pasta making week.

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  • Super Year 6 Scientists

    Published 31/01/24

    The children in Year 6 did a great job last week when they made a terrific contribution to our science morning – it was great to hear so many positive comments from the parents who watched the children perform experiments and listened to their explanations of how we teach and learn science at Sheen Mount. 

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  • Putting a spring in our step

    Published 17/01/24

    The children in Year 6 have made a great start to the spring term. 

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