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Performing with puppets and finding lost words

The spring term culminated with pupils producing fantastic puppets based on characters from Macbeth. There were disquieting witches, ill-fated Banquos, deranged Lady Macbeths and some magnificent - if malevolent - Macbeths. This week the children have enjoyed the fruits-of-their-labours and performed scenes from the play with their puppets, concluding this unit of work. We now move onto poetry and are looking at the fabulous book Lost Words, by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris.

We've been cartwheeling in PE and identifying different types of angles in maths - as well as learning how to measure, estimate and calculate them.   Grid references have been the order of the day in geography and in science, we have dissected flowers in order to better understand their different parts and functions. A cracking start to the summer term!