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All you need is love!

Year 5 celebrated Sheen Mount's platinum anniversary day in true sixties style. We went retro - finding out all about the space race, the world's first electronic mouse, what school children in the sixties thought their futures would hold and whether they were right or not; all washed down with lashings of Pop Art and accompanied by the Beatles. What a fabulous and 'far-out' day!

Back in the 2020s, we have been busy compiling soliloquies fashioned on Macbeth's ruinous ruminations as well as designing puppets based on characters from the very same play. Watch out for some spine-chillingly sinister witches and menacing Macbeths.  

Global trade has been on the agenda in geography. We've been impressed by pupils' insights into where the food they eat is produced and how it reaches us, alongside their developing understanding of the implications of this at a local, national and international level.