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Engineering gliders

Tuesday 30th January saw Y5 pupils participating in an exciting STEM challenge - a fantastic, full-day, online workshop that brought the excitement of aerospace engineering right into our classrooms. The day began with a design activity, supported by virtual top-tips and guidance that also linked to our previous learning about forces. Pupils then teamed up to build three of their designs before testing them on the astro-turf. Finally, they evaluated how the different combinations of tail configuration (empennage) and wing shape had performed.  An action-packed and inspiring day.

In English, we have continued our work on Macbeth, bringing to life the three witches and their ominous prophecies, whilst in maths we have finished our topic on multiplication and division and moved on to working with fractions. Alfred the Great has been the focus of discussions in history and in art, children have been assembling photo collages inspired by the work of David Hockney.