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Juniper Hall!

After a cancelled trip in 2020, Year 5 were able to visit Juniper Hall this year and we could not have been happier! At the field study centre, the children took part in three activities across a very busy day. During the shelter activity, the children learnt all about what you need in order to survive in the wild. They first built a small shelter for a 'mouse' and held a competition to see which shelter could keep the 'mouse' the warmest. They then built a shelter to protect their entire team. While 5B were building their shelter, they were very excited to discover a real dormouse, during 5H's turn Esme found a woodpecker skull and 5D saw a beautiful peacock butterfly! The children also learnt all about habitats and were able to spend time pond dipping. We found a wide range of invertebrates and were particularly impressed with the dragonfly nymph. We also looked under logs and learnt all about the difference between millipedes and centipedes. One of the highlights for many of the children was the orienteering. Armed with a map of the site, the children had to work in a team to find the markers and return to their group leader. It was brilliant to see the communication between the children and the focus on the task. Our day ended around the campfire toasting marshmallows and listening to stories. The Year 5 teaching team were so proud of the children and the staff at Juniper Hall complimented them on their fantastic behaviour and enthusiasm. 


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