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Another busy learning week for the children in Year 5 has involved the start of the drafting process for our description of the Lost Thing; the children were brilliant at generating their vocabulary ideas and coming up with some very effective similes to engage the reader.  In history, we have been discussing the importance of timelines in organising our understanding of significant events and in French we are becoming more confident in expressing which sports and pastimes we enjoy.  Our computing lessons have involved discussions about how we can use the internet safely and through our science lessons we have gained a better understanding of why scientists know the Earth is a sphere and not flat - although we all know it's really an oblate spheroid!  As you can see, our art lessons have focused on developing our sketching skills.   We have learnt about the importance of pencil grip, how to shade and how helpful it is to break down the drawing of an object into more simple shapes like rectangles and triangles.