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Our new class text - The Lost Thing

Year 5 have been familiarising themselves with our new class text - The Lost Thing.   The book might be a metaphor for a dystopian society or it might just be a story about a big, red teapot thing!  

This week the children have also enjoyed improving their sketching skills in art, identifying evidence for where the Angles, Saxons and Jutes settled and improving their confidence in ordering and comparing some very large numbers in maths lessons.  In science we have started to learn about why we have seasons and the importance of the tilt of the Earth's axis and in French we are beginning to learn how to describe our favourite sports.  Mr March is getting us fit in PE with our circuit training and swimming lessons continue to help us improve our confidence and style of stroke in the water.  We have also elected our school councillors who will be meeting with Mrs Teeling next week.