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Year 5 News

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  • Vocab Generator Geniuses

    Published 21/01/22

    Working with each other to generate vocabulary and ideas is an important part of the writing process in Upper Key Stage 2.  Here are Year 5 thinking about how to draft a description of the opening battle scene in Macbeth.  Not only are the children aiming to use some fantastic descriptive language to engage the reader but they are also encouraged to employ specific writing techniques such as similes, metaphors, alliteration, repetition for effect, hyperbole and personification.  “Ear piercing thunder cracked and rumbled as bolts of lightning slashed across the bleak night sky like mighty swords…” – sounds like a good start by someone.  

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  • Art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

    Published 13/01/22

    Year 5 have been inspired by the artistic work of Andy Goldsworthy to use some of the natural materials they could find in our beautiful school environment to create their own natural collage.  We also learnt that art of this nature is ephemeral – it will not last forever so appreciate it while you can before it is gone!

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  • Erupting with joy

    Published 16/12/21

    To complete our geography work on natural disasters, Year 5 have been constructing 3D models to show their understanding of the main parts of a volcano. We used our creative skills to produce cross-sections that show the location of the main vent, secondary vent, magma chamber and crater.   

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  • Making bread!

    Published 10/12/21

    There has been and air of excitement across Year 5 all week because the children have been baking their own bread.  After evaluating a range of commercially available breads, the children chose their own ingredients to customise their own recipe.  They then learnt how to make a basic bread recipe, how to incorporate the ingredients to form a dough, what “proving” and “knocking back” means in the world of bread making and then they baked!  Once our bread was ready we enjoyed eating and evaluating the fruits of our labour.   

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  • Year 5 - Working well at school and at home!

    Published 03/12/21

    Year 5 have shown some great thinking skills during the course of the week and there is so much work in so many learning journals that speaks volumes about the ability and attitude to learning of the children.  The Year 5 teachers have also been exceptionally impressed by the quality of the homework that has been completed over the past few weeks.  We received so many well organised and engaging letters that sought to persuade the teachers to give the children an end of term treat (we are still thinking about it) and there were a whole range of informative and well designed fact sheets about famous volcanoes from across the world.  Well done Year 5!  

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  • Resistance is not futile...

    Published 25/11/21

    It has been another busy week of learning in Year 5. Our science lessons have focused on air resistance.  We learnt that air resistance is the result of collisions between the leading surface of an object and air molecules and so it is a form of friction.  We started to think about the effect that surface area has on air resistance and we tested some of our ideas by designing a range of parachutes to see how their different sizes affected the speed at which an object attached to them falls to the ground.  In English, we have been analysing the personality of Ernest Shackleton so that we can better understand what made him such a resilient and courageous leader; this will help us to create authentic diary entries when we come to write as the intrepid Antarctic explorer over the next couple of weeks.  Our geography lessons have enabled us to understand better some of the surprising advantages and more obvious disadvantages of living in close proximity to a volcano.  

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  • Friction fanatics!

    Published 19/11/21

    We've had another busy week in Year 5! As you can see from the photo above, the children used trays to test the friction on a variety of surfaces and tested the resistance using a newton meter. We then deduced the materials that, when rubbed together, produced the greatest amount of friction. In English, we completed and edited our persuasive letter in the character of Shackleton ensuring we use formal language, connectives for cohesion and flattery with the purpose of convincing the recipient to join the expedition! We also covered viscosity in our Geography topic of volcanoes. By testing various liquids, we decided that more viscous lava creates stratovolcanoes whereas less viscous lava produces shield volcanoes.

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  • Feeling the force!

    Published 12/11/21

    It's been another busy week in Year 5! The children have been identifying tectonic plates and why these boundaries are often areas of volcanic activity. We have continued to develop our persuasive language writing skills by analysing what features make a persuasive letter and adding these to our own persuasive letters in character as Shackleton.  In science, the children have started to learn about forces. This week we explored gravity and had the opportunity to use the Newton meters!

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  • A thought provoking week...

    Published 05/11/21

    We were delighted that the historian David Olusoga took the time to answer the questions put to him by Year 5 on his views about Black History Month and what more our country needs to do to make progress in creating a fairer society.  Our teachers were incredibly impressed with the challenging nature of our questions and his thought provoking answers.  We have started to look at our core text for this half term – Shackleton’s Journey – by identifying the challenging nature of Antarctica.  We thought about how, if we were Shackleton, we might persuade others to join us on such an intrepid journey of exploration.  Part of our homework this week is to practise the sketching skills we have been developing over the past half term so look out for the artists at work this weekend.   

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  • Beautiful brooches

    Published 22/10/21

    Year 5 have been busy this week designing and making their replica Anglo-Saxon brooches.  We learnt in history that the brooches had a practical element to them – they helped to hold your cloak or dress in position – and they also indicated your status and wealth in society.  After some of these artefacts were discovered by archaeologists, it helped us to understand that the Anglo-Saxons were skilled craftsmen and that they must have traded because some of the materials used in the brooches came from elsewhere in the world. 

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  • Fly me to moon and let me learn with all my friends...

    Published 15/10/21

    Another busy week in Year 5.  We learnt so much about the Windrush Generation as part of Black History Month.  It was very interesting to learn about the reasons why so many people emigrated from the Caribbean shortly after the end of World War 2 and came to Britain.  We spoke about the contribution that has been made to the United Kingdom by those people and their children and grandchildren over the years.  It was also very thought-provoking to learn about the different experiences of those people who have come to our country - some of them positive and some of them less so - over the years.  In science, we investigated why there are so many craters on the moon.  We wanted to find out if the speed of the collision between objects in space, such as meteorites, and the moon affected the size of the crater.  We replicated what happens with a tray of flour and a ball dropped from different heights as frustratingly a meteorite is too big to fit into the classroom!  

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  • We are from everywhere!

    Published 07/10/21

    This week, Year 5 kicked off our work on Black History Month and our thinking about how great it is to be different.  We spent some time talking with our families to work out which parts of the world we were linked to.  It might be a very direct connection in that we were born there or something a little less direct...perhaps a great-grandparent came to the UK from a different country a long time ago.  We are all unique and we are now discussing in our lessons how our diversity makes our classroom, year group, school, city, country and world a more interesting, exciting and special place where everybody feels accepted, welcomed and valued.   The map outside our Year 5 classrooms shows that we have a connection to at least 48 different countries.  What a lot of diversity at Sheen Mount!    

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