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Year 5 News

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  • OS Mapping

    Published 11/05/21

    As our Global Trade geography topic has come to a close, we have started our new unit which focuses on map skills and the physical geography of our coasts. During our first lesson we learnt all about OS maps, what scale is, how to use a key and symbols and how to give a four or six figure grid reference! What a lot of new information. The children really enjoyed using the OS maps and were surprised to see how much bigger Richmond Park is compared to the common. They, of course, all enjoyed locating their houses and our school too. 

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  • Attack of the Clones!

    Published 06/05/21

    We are enjoying learning all about reproduction in plants. After finding out about how flowers use sexual reproduction to make seeds and how these seeds are dispersed, this week we found out about asexual reproduction. We were amazed to learn that plants can produce offspring that are exact copies of the parent plant (clones) and were impressed to see this in action. Ask your child all about the advantages and disadvantages of both sexual and asexual reproduction. 

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  • Juniper Hall!

    Published 30/04/21

    After a cancelled trip in 2020, Year 5 were able to visit Juniper Hall this year and we could not have been happier! At the field study centre, the children took part in three activities across a very busy day. During the shelter activity, the children learnt all about what you need in order to survive in the wild. They first built a small shelter for a 'mouse' and held a competition to see which shelter could keep the 'mouse' the warmest. They then built a shelter to protect their entire team. While 5B were building their shelter, they were very excited to discover a real dormouse, during 5H's turn Esme found a woodpecker skull and 5D saw a beautiful peacock butterfly! The children also learnt all about habitats and were able to spend time pond dipping. We found a wide range of invertebrates and were particularly impressed with the dragonfly nymph. We also looked under logs and learnt all about the difference between millipedes and centipedes. One of the highlights for many of the children was the orienteering. Armed with a map of the site, the children had to work in a team to find the markers and return to their group leader. It was brilliant to see the communication between the children and the focus on the task. Our day ended around the campfire toasting marshmallows and listening to stories. The Year 5 teaching team were so proud of the children and the staff at Juniper Hall complimented them on their fantastic behaviour and enthusiasm. 


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  • Reproduction in plants

    Published 21/04/21

    We have thoroughly enjoyed the start to the Summer Term, as the children have returned refreshed and ready to learn. In our English lessons, we have started reading our new core text, Journey to Jo'Burg, and we have already been impressed with the well balanced and thoughtful comments the children have made in relation to the racial themes discussed in the book. We have also started a new science unit - living things and their habitats. This week we learnt about sexual reproduction in plants and how seeds are made. We were able to bring the learning to life as after discussing the reproductive features of a flower in the classroom, the children went into the garden and examined them for themselves.  They were able to identify the anther, filament, stigma and style of several flowers. Have a look in the science section on our Year 5 page to see more photos from this lesson.  

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  • Conductor or Insulator?

    Published 25/03/21

    This week in our science lessons, we tested a variety of materials to determine whether they were conductors or insulators. We enjoyed creating a simple circuit and adding in each item to see if the bulb lit up. We were most surprised to see that the graphite pencils were conductors! We have really enjoyed this science topic and are looking forward to starting our biology topic after the Easter break. 

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