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Year 5 News

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  • Year 5 28.09.23

    Published 28/09/23

    The children in Year 5 have had an eventful couple of weeks! We have had a visit from the Science Dome where we learnt all about our solar system, why we have seasons and how much space there really is in space. We had a visit from a brilliant local artist, who showed us how to make contrast prints. These will be turned into some fantastic artwork for our school so watch this space! In English, we have been writing in the style of journalists this week - below you can see photos of some of the role play interviews.


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  • In Year 5, we are...

    Published 13/09/23

    Over the last few days, we have completed astronaut training, begun learning about the Anglo-Saxons settlement in Britain and started our new English text 'Tuesday' by David Wiesner. In science, the children learnt about life on the International Space Station as well as some of the skills needed to become an astronaut. The images below show the view of Earth from the ISS as well as some excellent descriptive writing of the view. All the Year 5 teachers have been very impressed with how quickly the children have settled into life in Year 5, and we are very excited about our year together.

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  • Isle of Wight, women's football and watercolour!

    Published 13/07/23
    It has been another busy week for Year 5! The children performed their Isle of Wight assembly brilliantly on Tuesday. They accurately recounted each day of our trip with great enthusiasm and humour! We have also used our knowledge of non-chronol
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  • A creative week in Year 5!

    Published 29/06/23
    This week, we have been using The Lost Words as our stimulation to create kennings, incantation and diamond incantation poems. We have used our figurative language, metaphors, personification and alliteration. We have also begun our history unit
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  • Letters, sharing stories and science

    Published 25/05/23

    This week, we have written our letters from Naledi to Nono explaining why they had to leave and go to Johannesburg. This morning all of year 5 visited reception who shared their stories of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We've been learning about lifecycles of mammals and how long their gestation periods are. How long is the gestation period of an elephant?

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  • Cricket, coronation and coastal features

    Published 11/05/23

    After the excitement of celebrating King Charles III coronation last week, we have continued to learn about coastal features and coastal erosion. This week we used sand trays and water to investigate longshore drift. We are hoping to see examples of how groynes work to help prevent longshore drift on the Isle of Wight. We began our week working with Monty Lynch, building on our cricket throwing and catching skills. Our non-chronological reports, about South Africa, are almost finished and are looking great and full of information. We have practised estimating, measuring and drawing angles in maths. We even included rotation in our gymnastics this week! 


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  • Pulleys, seed dispersal and coastal features

    Published 27/04/23
    We have had a busy few weeks since our return from the Easter holidays. We have begun to learn about coastal features, including how caves, stacks and arches are formed due to erosion. In science, our learning has focused on how flowering plants repr
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  • Puppets, Fairtrade and end of term!

    Published 30/03/23

    This week we concluded our learning on Macbeth, with a visit from Corrine Blair who retold the story to the children. We have turned parts of the narrative into a play script and used our puppets to act them out. In geography, we have learnt about the positive impact that Fairtrade has on businesses around the world as well as understanding what products the UK exports based on our physical and human geography. The children have worked really hard this term and should be proud of all they have achieved. Have a lovely break, and we look forward to seeing you next term.

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  • Year 5 STEM DAY

    Published 14/03/23

    On Thursday Year 5 took part in an online STEM day run by Smallpeice in partnership with the Royal Airforce Youth Stem. Their task was to design, make and test three  gliders to find out which shape wing and tail (empennage) helped the glider to fly the furthest and quickest. We were impressed with the teamwork and patience the children showed towards their peers, whilst completing the task. They also discussed what sustainability is and designed their own sustainable aircraft of the future. We are enjoying a very practical week and have begun to make our Macbeth inspired character puppets. Thank you to the parents who visited today to help with our sewing skills. 


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  • Djembe drumming - bass, slap, tone!

    Published 28/02/23

    It's been a busy couple of weeks since our return to school. We have been excited to start learning our Djembe rhythms (bass, slap, tone). We have also investigated absorbency of kitchen roll and have been interested to find which countries our food comes from, while learning about global trade. Next time you have your breakfast, think about how far the food on your plate has travelled! In English, we are busy writing newspaper articles linked to Macbeth after finishing our superb soliloquies. 

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  • What can you make a rainbow with?

    Published 07/02/23

    As we reach the end of this half-term, we have enjoyed thinking about our well-being. On Monday, we headed towards the Reception classes and shared information about Antarctica with them. It was lovely to see our Y5 children engaging with their younger peers and siblings! In contrast to the tragedy of Macbeth, our moods were lightened by a visiting storyteller who shared the comedy 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. We concluded our learning about the weather in French with a presentation about what the weather is like in different parts of France. We have enjoyed joining in with the daily Taskmaster activities set on the Place 2 Be Website. Take a look at our rainbows from Monday's task! We have been very proud of the children this half-term in all that they have achieved, including their Young Voices concert, two pieces of extended writing linked to Macbeth, concluding our Vikings topic and learning all about States of Matter. 

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  • Our trip to the O2!

    Published 26/01/23

    Year 5 had an absolutely amazing time at the Young Voices Concert on Tuesday. We arrived at the O2 at 12:30pm and once we found our block, we ate our lunch. After this, we found our seats which were brilliant - Mrs Boa very much approved! We then spent the next few hours rehearsing and enjoying the experience of being at the O2. Finally, the moment of truth came when the thousands of parents entered and the show started. Our children were amazing! They sang their hearts out and loved very single second of it. We would like to thank those who were able to come and watch - we hope you enjoyed the performance as much as we did!

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