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Year 5 News

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  • That's the way to do it!

    Published 20/02/24

    The end of last half term was marked by two special whole school events: Sir Mo Farah opening the new astro-turf and the school talent show. We were proud of all of our Y5 representatives and performers, whether they showcased their talents to the class or to the school, or helped put Sir Mo through his paces on the astro.

    It's been lovely welcoming children back into Y5 after the half term break and we're excited about the action packed half term ahead of us. This week we've begun a unit of work in DT with children investigating existing puppet designs and looking at a timeline of the history of puppet-making. Later this term they will design, make and evaluate puppets linked to our core text: Macbeth. Speaking of which, we're moving on from concocting potions inspired by the Three Witches, to writing soliloquys. The only question is - will they have the same dire consequences as in Macbeth…?

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  • Engineering gliders

    Published 31/01/24

    Tuesday 30th January saw Y5 pupils participating in an exciting STEM challenge - a fantastic, full-day, online workshop that brought the excitement of aerospace engineering right into our classrooms. The day began with a design activity, supported by virtual top-tips and guidance that also linked to our previous learning about forces. Pupils then teamed up to build three of their designs before testing them on the astro-turf. Finally, they evaluated how the different combinations of tail configuration (empennage) and wing shape had performed.  An action-packed and inspiring day.

    In English, we have continued our work on Macbeth, bringing to life the three witches and their ominous prophecies, whilst in maths we have finished our topic on multiplication and division and moved on to working with fractions. Alfred the Great has been the focus of discussions in history and in art, children have been assembling photo collages inspired by the work of David Hockney.

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  • Raising the roof with Young Voices at the O2

    Published 18/01/24

    Monday saw the culmination of many hours of practice and preparation as Y5 travelled to the O2 Arena to rehearse and perform to a packed audience as part of an 8500+ Young Voices choir (one of the largest choirs in the world). They were accompanied by a fabulous array of professional musicians, dancers and even pyrotechnics! Friends and family joined in the evening to share in the occasion. Here are some examples of the children's thoughts in response to the event:

              "A magical night with my friends."

              "Absolutely phenomenal!"

              "Too good to put into words."

             "A sky-full-of-stars experience."

    A huge thank you to all of the staff, parents and of course, children, who contributed to this very special event.

    And - not to diminish the rest of the week - Y5 have also been busy creating wonderful land art based on the work of Andy Goldsworthy, exploring the battlefield with Macbeth and extending their understanding and skills of both multiplication and division.

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  • Bread, glorious bread!

    Published 13/12/23

    There is no slowing down in Y5! This week we have been kneading up a storm and have created some fabulous show-stopping breads in Design Technology. The entire school has been salivating as the smell of delicious baked goods has wafted out of the teaching kitchen and along corridors. Yum! In English, pupils have been putting the final touches to some very motivational, and at times - emotional, speeches; inspired by Sir Ernest Shackleton's experiences in Antarctica. Meanwhile, in maths we have been getting our heads around adding and subtracting fractions. On top of everything else, Y5 have been working hard in preparation for next week's carol concert. They sound wonderful.

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  • Parachutes and ice floes, breads and prime numbers

    Published 29/11/23

    Hold on to your hats - or should we say parachutes! It has been a very busy couple of weeks in Y5. Not only have we investigated the effects of parachute surface area on air resistance, but we have also been marine engineers in science. In maths, we have learnt all about prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers, whilst in English we have put pen to paper and crafted some beautiful poems that evoke the magic and majesty of ice in Antarctica. To top it all off, we've sung our socks off in music and enjoyed taste testing different breads in DT. 

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  • Volcanoes and friction in Y5

    Published 16/11/23

    The week kicked off with pupils investigating how frictional forces vary between different surfaces, using a range of objects at their disposal, as well as the school's grounds. In English, we set off on our adventures to Antarctica with Ernest Shackleton and his crew on board the Endurance, and made some lovely diary entries that articulate the sense of anticipation, excitement and trepidation experienced by the crew.  The evacuation of the town of Grindavik in Iceland  leant a human dimension to the impact that volcanoes have on populations, supplementing our work in geography.

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  • Sharing our stories with year 2 and bar models in maths.

    Published 02/11/23

    Sharing our stories with Year 2. 

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  • Anglo-Saxon Fun & Craters in the classoom

    Published 12/10/23

    Y5 kicked off the week with a fabulous Anglo Saxon workshop delivered by the brilliant Saxon Sue. The children enjoyed a hands-on experience of what life would have been like during this period and developed some useful skills as well. Candle making, weaving, ink making and amulet design were just a selection of the activities they engaged in before becoming archaeologists on the hunt for Anglo Saxon artefacts. In Science, pupils carried out an investigation to determine why the moon has so many different sizes of crater, by making their own craters in the classroom!

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  • Year 5 28.09.23

    Published 28/09/23

    The children in Year 5 have had an eventful couple of weeks! We have had a visit from the Science Dome where we learnt all about our solar system, why we have seasons and how much space there really is in space. We had a visit from a brilliant local artist, who showed us how to make contrast prints. These will be turned into some fantastic artwork for our school so watch this space! In English, we have been writing in the style of journalists this week - below you can see photos of some of the role play interviews.


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  • In Year 5, we are...

    Published 13/09/23

    Over the last few days, we have completed astronaut training, begun learning about the Anglo-Saxons settlement in Britain and started our new English text 'Tuesday' by David Wiesner. In science, the children learnt about life on the International Space Station as well as some of the skills needed to become an astronaut. The images below show the view of Earth from the ISS as well as some excellent descriptive writing of the view. All the Year 5 teachers have been very impressed with how quickly the children have settled into life in Year 5, and we are very excited about our year together.

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  • Isle of Wight, women's football and watercolour!

    Published 13/07/23
    It has been another busy week for Year 5! The children performed their Isle of Wight assembly brilliantly on Tuesday. They accurately recounted each day of our trip with great enthusiasm and humour! We have also used our knowledge of non-chronol
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  • A creative week in Year 5!

    Published 29/06/23
    This week, we have been using The Lost Words as our stimulation to create kennings, incantation and diamond incantation poems. We have used our figurative language, metaphors, personification and alliteration. We have also begun our history unit
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