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Who will step into the magic?

Year 4 have been reading the spellbinding story of 'Leon and the Place Between'.  It's a beautifully illustrated story filled with rabbits, shadow puppets, stars and magic. 

Inspired by the book, we have had a circus themed week.  We watched a film of some incredible trapeze artists and considered what the audience's reaction would be.  Then, we used techniques of building atmosphere and suspense to write a paragraph about the trapeze artists.  You can see some wonderful examples of these paragraphs below.   In art, the children loved choosing phrases from the book to design and decorate, which you can also see displayed below.  We started our design and technology project by practising to make levers and linkages (see the photos below from 4T).  We will use these techniques when we make our pop-up pictures linked to 'The Place Between'.   Also, we will continue to delve into Leon's magical world through drama when we visit Putney Arts Theatre next week.   We can't wait for the trip and hope you can join us to see the children's performances.