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Romans in Britain

Year 4 had an amazing day on Wednesday when we spent the whole day pretending that we lived in a Roman town in Britain. In the photo you can see some of our soldiers marching and protecting the town from Celtic uprisings as we carried out our tasks. We had many jobs including making clay lamps and pots, crushing olives to make oil for the lamps, creating mosaics, designing frescos, crushing charcoal for writing, making wax tablets, making jewellery and creating medicines and beauty treatments at the bath house. Many thanks to the parents and older sibling helpers who made all these activities possible. Read on to find out what we did in the afternoon.

After lunch, our Roman day continued with us splitting into groups to prepare entertainment for the feast. Some of us acted in short plays, some of us prepared a dance, a couple of us taught Latin and some demonstrated Roman soldier manoeuvres. At the feast, we drank wine in goblets and ate cheese, grapes, apples and bread. Ten servants served us our food and drink and some slaves had to try everything first to make sure it was not poisoned. Luckily, nothing had been poisoned.