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Advice for Pandora

This week the children in Year 4 have been considering Pandora's curiosity as they have debated whether or not she should open the box which Zeus gave her as a wedding present.  Read Harriet from 4L's letter of advice for Pandora.

Dear Pandora,

In my opinion, you should open the box because there might be good spirits that Zeus has trapped in there that need rescuing. Isn’t it obvious that if people give you a wedding gift they should expect you to open it. Can’t you see that there might be something wonderful inside? Also, even though Zeus says not to, you are brave enough to stand up to him and open the box. My view is you should forget what Zeus said and open the box. What’s the point of having a wedding gift if you can’t open it?

On the other hand, opening the box could harm your kingdom, in fact not just your kingdom, but the whole world as well! You must be prepared for what is lying underneath the lid of the box because there could be bad spirits in there who are telling you to let them out. Rather than opening the box, you should follow what Zeus said. It is a well known fact that gods like to trick people.

After receiving both reasons for and against opening the box in this letter, which one will you choose? I would choose not to open the box because it could cause you serious trouble.

Yours Sincerely,