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Pop-up pictures, Science and Sports!

Lots of fun learning going on in Year 4 this week. 

In design and technology, our design brief was to design a pop-up page for an 8-year-old child based on the images in Leon and the Place Between.  We used lever and linkages mechanisms, we tried to ensure the mechanism was covered up and aimed to ensure our picture had a moving image.  Below you can see some fabulous pop-up pictures!


In science, we investigated how distance affects sounds from body actions.  We planned and carried out an investigation by measuring what was the furthest distance we could hear sniffs, claps and stamps.  Afterwards, we discussed whether the investigation had been fair.  Many of us thought that actually it hadn't been a fair test and we thought of ways to improve the investigation to make it fair.  

This morning we were blessed with beautiful weather making for an excellent sports day.  All the children participated in running and throwing events with everyone clocking up lots of points for their colour teams!  The children really put all their energy into the events as well cheering loudly for their teammates.  The overall colour winner was the blue team but in our eyes all the children were winners.