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Year 4 News

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  • All about Japan

    Published 14/01/22

    Even though we have not had a direct geography lesson this week, find out how we have been using our other lessons and targets to learn more about this fascinating country.

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  • Merry Christmas from Year 4

    Published 17/12/21

    A wonderful first term of learning in year 4 has come to an end. Read on to find out what we will be learning in the New Year.

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  • Science/ Design and Technology and English combined

    Published 10/12/21

    The snow has thawed in Narnia and Father Christmas has visited Peter, Susan and Lucy so the White Witch's magic must be weakening. It looks like Year 4 will be able to celebrate Christmas!

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  • Music in Year 4

    Published 03/12/21

    The Year 4 children have been asked to learn the words for their Christmas songs for homework this week but that's not our only music focus. Read more to find out what we have been doing in our music lessons.

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  • Electricity!

    Published 26/11/21

    We have been having lots of fun in our science lessons investigating  how to make circuits.

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  • Forest School Day!

    Published 19/11/21

    We had the best Forest School day! 

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  • Mr Tumnes's Dilemma

    Published 12/11/21

    What should Mr Tumnes do?  Hand over Lucy to the White Witch or let her go?

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  • Colour Team Quiz

    Published 05/11/21

    Every week year 4 children finish Friday afternoon with a quiz where they battle between colour teams to see who has learnt the most in the week. Read on to see which questions were in this week's quiz.

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  • Partner balances and Ancient Greek Day!

    Published 22/10/21

    The children have had a fun and interactive week of learning! 

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  • Visiting Buddy Classes

    Published 15/10/21

    Children in year 4 took the opportunity to share the work they have been doing in Black History Month with buddy classes.

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  • Amanda Gorman

    Published 08/10/21
    This week the children were introduced to Amanda Gorman, as we are celebrating Black History Month. They were introduced to all the amazing experiences and work she has been a part of.  Amanda Gorman is an American poet and activist, she was the
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  • Gold medals and the Golden Touch

    Published 01/10/21

    There  has been a lot of talk about gold this week in Year 4. Read more to find out more.

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