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Year 4 News

The professors in year 4 have been focusing on sharing their knowledge of unusual goblins this week and each class has created a book titled 'Goblinology'.  In this writing, they have all used incredibly mature language to describe their interesting creatures. Furthermore, they have started all their sentences in different and exciting ways.

We hope that you all enjoyed the singing this week; the children certainly did and are looking forward to the day when they can do a proper performance for their parents.




Another wonderful week of learning in year 4. In history, we have studied the boundaries of the Roman Empire in Britain. Above, you can see 4T’s model of Hadrian’s Wall but did you know that the Romans built another wall in Scotland further north?

Here are some of the weird and wonderful ogres that the children have created and written about this week. For example, did you know that the water ogre refuses to eat fish and therefore has to live on sea plankton, making it a vegetarian. Interestingly, the lava ogre can breath fire like a dragon!


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