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Year 4 News

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  • Visiting Buddy Classes

    Published 15/10/21

    Children in year 4 took the opportunity to share the work they have been doing in Black History Month with buddy classes.

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  • Amanda Gorman

    Published 08/10/21
    This week the children were introduced to Amanda Gorman, as we are celebrating Black History Month. They were introduced to all the amazing experiences and work she has been a part of.  Amanda Gorman is an American poet and activist, she was the
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  • Gold medals and the Golden Touch

    Published 01/10/21

    There  has been a lot of talk about gold this week in Year 4. Read more to find out more.

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  • Advice for Pandora

    Published 24/09/21

    This week the children in Year 4 have been considering Pandora's curiosity as they have debated whether or not she should open the box which Zeus gave her as a wedding present.  Read Harriet from 4L's letter of advice for Pandora.

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  • Hard work and slaying minotaurs

    Published 17/09/21

    We are very impressed with the work the Year 4 children have produced this week as they have settled into the new routines. From investigating Ancient Greek artefacts to creating a piece of pop art, they have all been doing lots of learning. Read more to find out about this week's myth; Theseus and the Minotaur.

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  • Welcome back!

    Published 09/09/21

    We have had a fantastic week in Year 4 and the children have produced excellent work! 

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  • Pop-up pictures, Science and Sports!

    Published 16/07/21

    Lots of fun learning going on in Year 4 this week. 

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  • Sheen Mount takes over Putney Arts Theatre

    Published 09/07/21

    A roving reporter from 4HM has written this week's news article about our fantastic experiences in Putney Arts Theatre.   

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  • Who will step into the magic?

    Published 02/07/21

    Year 4 have been reading the spellbinding story of 'Leon and the Place Between'.  It's a beautifully illustrated story filled with rabbits, shadow puppets, stars and magic. 

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  • Our Tudor Portrait Gallery

    Published 25/06/21

    Year 4 have been using a range of artistic skills this week to create these wonderful Tudor portraits. 

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  • Times Tables, Swimming and Programming

    Published 18/06/21

    Year 4 children have impressed us all this week with their times tables knowledge as they have completed the government's Multiplication Tables Check. We ensured that each child was able to do their best  by providing a calm, quiet room for them to do the online test. The children do not get given their results but we could see that they all performed brilliantly.  Read more to find out about all the more exciting learning we have been doing this week.

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  • Multi-talented Year 4!

    Published 11/06/21

    This week we have been poets and scientists.

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