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Sandwich making!

The children have had an exciting week in school and have worked very hard in all of their lessons. 

This week in design and technology, the children have had a wonderful opportunity to make a healthy sandwich.  Prior to this activity, the children had to think very carefully about what their sandwiches had to contain in order to be a 'healthy' product. Not only this, the children have been focusing on their cutting skills and to help them to perform this skill safely, the children were introduced to 'the bridge' technique. The practical activity itself was a success, and then afterwards the children were able to go outside and eat their tasty sandwiches! 

In maths the children have been learning about capacity and volume. During their maths lessons, the children have been learning the difference between capacity and volume. Also, the children used a variety of containers and estimated how much liquid one holds. The children then used measuring jugs and cylinders to see how accurate their estimations were! 

In geography, we have continued our River Nile topic and this week we specifically looked at the impact climate change has on the River Nile. The children were extremely interested when understanding what climate change is and worked very hard on coming up with their own definition of climate change. Not only this, the children then looked at the different complications' climate change has on the River Nile and then how this affects people who live in Egypt.