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Story time in the magical forest

We were whisked away to The Five Realms while we listened to 'Podkin One-Ear' in the beautiful story tent.  We have found out why Podkin only has one-ear and are on the edge of our seats to know if he and his sisters will escape from the terrible Gorm. 

As well as visiting the magical forests from the Five Realms, did you know that we went on a boat cruise down the River Nile?  In drama of course!  We learnt about the river features and also the landmarks along the river.   An incredible fact is that the River Nile is the longest river in the world and passes through 10 countries.  

Year 3 have had such a good time learning new tennis skills this term.  We warm up by bouncing the ball on the racquet and have practised forehand and backhand.  A huge thank you to the coaches at Sheen Tennis Club.   

In computing this week, we made branching databases about food groups.  We could classify a type of food and put it into its food group by asking simple questions.  The important thing we had to remember was to make the questions have 'yes' of 'no' answers.  Here you can see 3B hard at work.