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Ancient Egyptian Day!

A fun packed day filled with wonderful learning all about Ancient Egyptian times. 

The children arrived looking absolutely fantastic in their costumes.  Thank you for your help in getting these costumes ready. 

The children used role play to imagine what life was like in Ancient Egyptian times.  There were some excellent Pharaohs and slaves!  They participated in a huge range of activities including carving scarab beetles on soap, making shabti dolls, perfume pots and Ancient Egyptian bracelets.  By grinding charcoal, the children made their own ink and drew cartouches (messages) on papyrus.  They even made bread using Ancient Egyptian methods!  Children enjoyed finding out about how the Pharaohs buried their dead by making canopic jars and mummies.  

In the afternoon, the children took part in dramas related to Egyptian myths such as Osiris and Isis.  The day ended with a banquet - a feast full of grapes, cheese and goblets of wine (ribena). 

A special thanks to all the parent helpers who came on the day-we couldn't have done it without you!