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Grandma is a fire-breathing dragon!

There has been an exciting buzz in our classrooms as Year 3 have started to read a book from a well-loved author: Roald Dahl.

It's been wonderful to start the year reading 'George's Marvellous Medicine'.  Roald Dahl captured the children's imaginations with his great and sometimes gruesome descriptions of Grandma.  We found all the adjectives he used in his descriptions such as 'bright, wicked, little eyes' and 'thin icy smile'.   With these in mind, we drew pictures of how we imagined Grandma to look.  See some of our Grandma pictures below.  We also noticed that Roald Dahl uses similes and metaphors in his descriptions and we wrote our own.  An example of a simile about Grandma is 'Her nose is as sharp as an eagle's beak!' by Alfie.  An example of a metaphor is 'Grandma's hair is a dragon's nest!' by Iyad.   We can't wait to carry on reading George's Marvellous Medicine to find out what will happen next to Grandma! 

We have also started learning to spell our next set of Year 3 words.  We learn these words using different techniques such as 'rainbow writing', 'pyramid writing' and thinking of rhymes (mnemonics) to help us with tricky spelling patterns.  Some examples are below.