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Black History and Collaborative Learning

To celebrate Black History, Year 3 have been finding out all about the extraordinary life of Katherine Johnson. 

Katherine Johnson is the mathematical genius who helped put astronauts on the moon and made sure that Apollo 13 returned safely home.  Growing up in a time when America was legally segregated by race, Katherine wasn’t allowed to attend her local high school.  Katherine wanted to keep learning more than anything so her family moved to a town with a black high school.  Despite being a mathematical genius, Katherine had to fight every step of the way until finally her mathematical accuracy was recognised and she secured a job with NASA.   Through her careful calculations, she was integral into sending the first American astronauts into space and ensuring Apollo 13 safely landed.  What an incredible achievement! 

Year 3 made posters to show Katherine Johnson’s life and the contributions to history that she made. You can see some of them below. 

All week, we have been continuing our collaborative learning in maths, science and English.  This involves the children working together in small groups and enables them to learn from their peers and develop their vocabulary and communication skills. Photos below show children working together in maths, science and reading.  

Finally, soapboxes have started!  You can see Poppy (3MW) telling her class all about Sheen.  A wonderful way for us all to learn.