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Year 3 News

Year 3 are excited to share with you some of the wonderful learning they have been doing this term. Click on the posts below to find out more...

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  • Fractions

    Published 19/03/24

    Over the past two weeks, the year 3 children have been working with fractions. In the photo, you can see them building a fraction wall as they begin to understand equivalent fractions. In English we have been focusing on imagery in poetry and the children have written some wonderful metaphors. In science  we have been using magnets and in geography, we have been learning about the River Nile.

    We are all looking forward to performing in our assembly next Tuesday morning. We hope to see the year 3 parents there at approximately 9am. 

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  • Editing our work

    Published 06/03/24

    While we have been writing limericks, we have been learning how to edit our work. This is an important but difficult skill to master. We set up editing stations around the classroom where the children can check their writing for errors and find opportunities for improvement. To learn the skill, we have begun with the children editing adult work which has deliberate errors. In science, we have been investigating magnets this week and we can now explain that magnets have a north and south pole and that the opposite poles attract.

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  • Measuring

    Published 20/02/24

    Year 3 children have been busy measuring the length of objects around the classroom in maths lessons. They have learnt how to convert from millimetres to centimetres and from centimetres to metres and have also been adding and subtracting measurements of length. The photo shows children measuring how far they can jump. This knowledge will be useful in next week's science lesson when they will investigate how far a toy car can travel on different surfaces as part of our understanding of friction as a force. Before the week is over, they will also have learnt how to find the perimeter of a quadrilateral. Lots of wonderful maths learning!

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  • Is your grandma grouchy?

    Published 17/01/24

    Year 3 have been inspired by George's Marvellous medicine to design their own bottle of medicine to cure grumpy, grouchy grandparents. They have used their new skills in persuasive writing to create a label for their potion. Next week they will write an advert to accompany this bottle. Watch out complaining grandmas, these mixtures contain some revolting ingredients! The children have returned to school in 2024 full of energy and  have been enjoying their new topic in history: Ancient Egypt.

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  • The Great Sheen Mount Sewing Bee

    Published 14/12/23

    Christmas is nearly here so year 3 have been busy designing and making Christmas decorations for their D and T project.  Once they have finished evaluating their end product to check that it meets all their design criteria, the beautiful decoration will be coming home to adorn your Christmas tree. It is designed to be reusable  so you can look forward to many years admiring your child's sewing skills. 

    We're still working hard in our maths and English lessons as well as practising our songs for our concert next Wednesday. See you all at 2pm in the church.

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  • Roving Reporters

    Published 30/11/23

    Year 3 have been busy this week learning how to write newspaper articles. We have been looking at lots of examples of newspapers to decide what the key features of this genre of writing are. We have also begun to write our own articles together based on the adventures of Lila, Chulak and Hamlet in The Firework Maker's Daughter. To relax from all this hard work, we have been painting pointillism pictures this afternoon.

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  • Rocks

    Published 15/11/23

    Our science topic this half-term is rocks and soils. The children have learnt the 3 types of rock; sedimentary, igneus and metamorphic. Ask them how each type of rock is formed. This week, they have been investigating the properties of some different types of rocks. In our English lessons, the children have been describing the scene at the Full Moon Festival in our class book; The Firework Maker's Daughter. It is a magical occasion with colourful lanterns hanging from the trees,  the shimmering skirts of dancers swaying in the moonlight  and fragrant candles floating across the emerald lake. There have been some beautiful descriptions.

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  • Shadow Shows

    Published 01/11/23

    To finish off our science topic of light and shadow, year 3 made elaborate shadow puppet theatres. We turned off the lights and used a torch to illuminate our shadow puppets as we performed to our class. The opaque puppets could be seen through the translucent baking paper at the front of our theatres. It was lots of fun!

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  • Stone Age Day

    Published 11/10/23

    The children have had a wonderful day of immersion in Stone Age life. They have created cave paintings in our classroom 'cave', sat around a fire flint knapping whilst telling stories of a successful day's hunting  and have also been entertained by a visitor from the Stone Age. Using the magic of theatre, our visitor changed into an archaeologist who taught us how artefacts are found and used to tell us more about the past.

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  • Major Glad, Major Dizzy

    Published 27/09/23

    This is the title of our class text which is inspiring our writing this half-term. It tells the story of objects found under the floorboards in a Victorian house; two of these objects being wooden toy soldiers. The children have been writing in role as these toy soldiers; Major Glad and Major Dizzy. This week our heroes have become bored of being under the floorboards (they have already been there for 20 years) so have written letters to the grown-up children of the household asking to be rescued. We have been super impressed with the year 3 children's letter writing skills.

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  • Sunshine and shadows

    Published 12/09/23

    We have made a great start to the year by making the most of the sunny weather to learn how shadows are formed. We learnt that shadows are formed when a light source such as the sun is blocked by an opaque object like our bodies. We drew round our shadows in the playground at 3 different times during the day and observed that the size and direct of the shadows changed. The year 3 teachers have been very impressed by the attitude of the children as they have made the big leap to KS2 and are looking forward to a great year of learning.

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  • Sandwich Time

    Published 14/07/23

    Year 3 have been focusing on 2 design and technology projects this week; the first is to plan and make a healthy sandwich and the second is to design and make a shell structure to keep their sandwich protected. Today, the sandwiches were made by the children and placed in their fabulous boxes. We eventually allowed them to feast on their creations although unfortunately the rain did not allow us to have our planned picnic. Please ask your child what they liked about their sandwich and box and what they would do to improve it.

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