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Summer temperatures...

We have had a great week back in year 2 after the Easter break. The children were all very excited to come back and share all the wonderful things they had done over the holiday.

In English this term we will be focussing on the author Anthony Browne. The book which has been this week’s focus is Zoo. In class, the children have been role playing each of the characters from the story and writing about the thoughts and feelings of the animals. We have also been learning the grammar rules for how to use possessive apostrophes.

We have finished our unit of measure with temperature. The children have really enjoyed this and now know how to write the symbol for degrees Celsius. As well as this, we explored different temperatures around the school using thermometers.

Throughout this term the children will be learning all about the Victorians. We have started off by recapping what a timeline is and where some of the things we had already learnt about would fit. Afterwards, the children had to place events in the correct chronological order during Queen Victoria’s reign.

Before breaking up for Easter, we had a great last week in class. The highlight was definitely making and eating our own dips! There were some interesting mixtures of ingredients and some were enjoyed more than others!