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Gymnastics, measures and Mary Poppins!

Year 2 has had a wonderful two weeks. We all loved celebrating Sheen Mount's birthday on Friday and fully embraced our 90s theme! 

In English, we have been enjoying reading Mary Poppins. We imagined we were jumping into our own chalk drawing and landing in a new imaginary land. We then wrote descriptively as a diary entry all the things we did, saw and heard on our day out. We have also begun editing our work to check back and make it as exciting as possible.

In maths, we finished looking at division and multiplication and moved on to measurement. We explored different ways of measuring length and practised using a ruler to draw lines in centimetres. We then compared and ordered lengths. 

In PE we have loved using the apparatus when doing gymnastics. We have practised a variety of shapes, balances and different ways to travel across the apparatus while landing safely! 

In geography, we went on another virtual bus tour this time in Edinburgh! We explored various landmarks and compared them to London landmarks. We are looking forward to spotting as many London landmarks as we can on our trip to the London Eye next week.