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Children of the world!

Year 2 have had a brilliant couple of weeks. They have been busy performing their Christmas show to parents and the whole school! They all did fantastically well learning their lines and singing many songs.

When not rehearsing for our show we have also been up to much more! In maths, we have been exploring shapes. We looked at 2D shapes before moving on to 3D. We named the shapes and then counted the faces, vertices and edges. We also looked at symmetry, and then we had go drawing at symmetrical shapes.

In science, we have finished our topic of materials. We worked in groups to make a boat and had to choose which materials would be most suitable, not only which were waterproof but also if they would be strong enough to hold 10 marbles.

In art, we have also finished sculpting our pumpkins, inspired by Yayoi Kusama.

We are looking forward to one more week of festive fun and hope you all have an enjoyable Christmas holiday!