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Searching for plants

Year 2 have had a fantastic beginning to the new half-term.

In English, we have started reading Mary Poppins. The children have enthusiastically participated in lots of drama and role play. Following on from that, they have been busy writing letters to find a new nanny as well as writing commands about how to tidy a bedroom.

In Maths, we have started our topic of division. The children have explored sharing circles, number lines as well as linking it to multiplication to solve problems.

In art, we have explored the work of the artist Yayoi Kusama. The children sketched pumpkins and added dots and spots of varying sizes. We will now move on to sculpting pumpkins from play dough and clay.

In geography, we have been developing our understanding of cultural diversity. We looked at the book 'Coming to England' and introduced the term migration and immigration. The children enjoyed drama and role play linked to how the main character might have felt about moving countries. 

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