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Performing poems

Year 2 have had a great start to a New Year!

In English, we have been performing and writing our own poems. We have learnt about shape poems and rhyming poems.  We have learnt about the secret strings of poems and used similes, alliteration, onomatopoeia and personification. From this, the children produced wonderful poems about the seasons.

In maths, we have learning about money. We have been recognising coins and notes, finding totals and finding amounts. The children have enjoyed taking part in role-play as shopkeepers and customers and have learnt how to give change.

In science, we have started our new topic of animals. We have been building on their previous knowledge of animal groups and have sorted animals based on this. We will move onto the life cycle of a butterfly next.

In geography, we have started our topic of 'London'. After looking at a map of the UK and locating England, we used Google Maps to find London and then to locate our school. The children then created maps of the school.