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Mary Poppins and migration!

Year 2 has had a busy start to this half of the term! The children are thoroughly enjoying our new class reader, 'Mary Poppins', and have done some excellent work in English linked to the book. They read the letter, sent from Jane and Michael Banks, to Mary Poppins, advertising for a new nanny. They explored the ideas, language and sentence types used, and then came up with their own requirements for a new nanny. On Thursday, they wrote their own letter to a Nanny. Here is an extract from Toby's letter:

You are wanted for two strong boys who live in a lovely house in Sheen. You must have the best video games, the largest TV and the greatest Fifa mobile. As well as this, you have to be cool, witty and amazing! Don't be unpleasant, rude or unfair. 

In maths, the children learnt how to use arrays to write repeated addition sentences and multiplication sentences. In geography, we read 'Coming to England' by Floella Benjamin and discussed how she might have felt, leaving her home country of Trinidad, and arriving in England. The children had a colour-filled art lesson where they learnt about primary, secondary and tertiary colours. They mixed colours to create new colours and experimented using their paintbrush in different ways: stippling; creating dots; and using long and short strokes.

They are very much looking forward to continuing reading Mary Poppins in English, and making their cars in DT next week! ‚Äč