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Year 2

We have had a very busy week in Year 2!

Maths: In maths we have been partitioning numbers into 10s and 1s. We then used this partitioning to help us add as well as drawing our tens and ones. English: In English we have been continuing to look at the story ZOO by Anthony Browne. We have been discussing the character of Dad, describing his personality and behaviour. We then wrote a character description all about Dad sharing these ideas. Science: In Science we have been discussing habitats and micro-habitats. We thought about what animals we might find in the local area and what characteristics they have that allow them to survive so well. We also visited the pond! History: In History we have continued to look at the Victorians. We looked at some Victorian artefacts and guessed what they may have been used for. We also spent some time focusing on the Zones of Regulation. This helps us manage our behaviour and make us feel the best we can be.