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Travelling to the South Pole!

What materials would we use to make a waterproof bag?

In Year 2 we have had a busy week continuing with our English book "Lost and Found". We planned out our own version of the original story and wrote an exciting beginning, full of adjectives, adverbs and punctuation. In science, we have been busy investigating materials that the boy and penguin could use to make a suitable bag for their journey to the South Pole. We explored a range of materials such as foil, plastic, fabric, leather and rubber. Then, we investigated two new properties; waterproof and absorbent. In maths, we have continued to look at missing numbers sentences as well as missing numbers within the form of balancing equations. We were very impressed with how the children challenged themselves in this area of maths. All the children have been very enthusiastic about our computer lessons. They have become very speedy at logging in and using Busy Things successfully. Well done everyone for another fantastic week in Year 2!