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Year 2 News

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  • Victorian schools, sewing and mental health!

    Published 13/05/21

    This week Year 2 have been thinking about our mental health and using activities to help us feel calm, happy and the best we can be. We have also continued to learn about what life was like in Victorian schools and wrote an information page about this. Did you know if children used to have to stand up when an adult enter the room? We have also completed some maths work about money and continued our science topic of habitats by looking at arctic and desert environments. Finally, we also started practising sewing and doing a running stitch to help us with our DT work next week. It was a little tricky, but we will keep trying! 

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  • Year 2 News!

    Published 06/05/21

    This week Year 2 have enjoyed looking at minibeasts and micro habitats! We discussed what minibeasts we might find around the school then went for a nature walk around the field to see what we could find. We had lots of fun looking under logs for woodlice, millipedes and even spiders!

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  • Year 2

    Published 29/04/21

    We have had a very busy week in Year 2!

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  • 23.4.21

    Published 16/03/21

    This week, Year 2 have started the Summer term learning about fractions in maths. We looked at fractions of shapes and amounts, and recognised 1/2 as being the same as 2/4. In history, we started looking at the Victorian times and looked at a timeline to understand when this time period took place. We also learnt some facts about Queen Victoria and created some wonderful sketches. In English, we started looking at the book ZOO by Anthony Browne and made some predictions. We have especially enjoyed the lovely weather and playing outside with our friends. 

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