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Everything Egypt

As a part of our 'Around the World' topic, the children in Reception this week flew to Egypt. First we thought about Egypt's climate and what we might need to pack. When we arrived, we looked around to notice any similarities and differences. We were surprised to learn that some people in Egypt travel by camel! We then wanted to know more about camels and found out how they have adapted for their environment. Did you know that camels have long eyelashes and three sets of eyelids to protect their eyes from the sand? 

We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Bedouin people and how their life differs to ours. We made our own version of a Bedouin tent in the classroom along with a 'fire' for cooking. Next week will be learning more about the food in Egypt and making our own flat bread and Bedouin tea.

We will continue to upload photos from this unit in the folder to the right.