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Dinosaur Riddles

In Reception, we know SO much about dinosaurs now that we are making up riddles to see if we can catch our teachers out - and maybe you, too! We wrote short factual sentences as clues to guess which dinosaur we were thinking of. We added to our knowledge by learning about omnivores this week, so ask us what this word means.  In maths, we are learning about number 10 - our first two-digit number! We have been counting to 10, finding out what comes before and after it, and how we can make 10 in lots of different ways. We've been looking forward to Friday - not only is it Red Nose Day, but we are making junk models from the designs we drew earlier in the week! And as well as all this, we are learning about Spring every day - this weather is showery, windy and sunny, and we are watching out for shoots, buds, insects and blossom.