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  • The Enormous Turnip

    Published 14/05/21

    This week Reception have had a great time learning and innovating 'The Enormous Turnip'. The children acted out the traditional tale playing the characters and they had the option to draw a story map, a story board or make a short book to describe what happens. We had some fun and interesting changes to the original story.‚Äč

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  • Capacity and The Three Little Pigs

    Published 07/05/21

    This week we have been learning our new traditional tale 'The Three Little Pigs' and have made finger puppets for the children to perform in the class theatre. They also worked on making strong houses that the wolf's huffing and puffing would not knock down. We have also been looking at capacity to find different measurements, looking at full, half- full and empty.

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  • Circuits and The Gingerbread Man

    Published 30/04/21

    This week we have been experimenting with electrical circuits using batteries, bulbs, buzzers and motors. We also started looking at 'The Gingerbread Man' our new traditional tale for this week.  The children had fun drawing their story map and acting out the story for the class.

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  • Traditional Tales

    Published 23/04/21

    It has been great to be back in Reception after the Easter Break and everyone is happy to be with their friends again. We have started our new topic of Traditional Tales looking at 'The Little Red Hen'. The children have enjoyed making finger puppets of the characters in the story and then re telling the story for the rest of the class.

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  • Doubling, Recycling and Singing!

    Published 26/03/21

    This week Reception have been working on their doubling and subtraction number sentences. The children used mirrors to help them visualise the answer. We found out about the importance of recycling and looked at the three R's - reduce, reuse and recycle. We had fun looking at some of the different materials that could be recycled and sorted objects into different categories based on this. Reception have had a brilliant time working on some Spring songs and are looking forward to performing on Monday 29th (Squirrels), Tuesday 30th (Dormice) and Wednesday 31st (Rabbits) at 2:30pm.

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