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Reception News

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  • Dinosaurs in the classroom!

    Published 19/02/24


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  • We've arrived in China!

    Published 31/01/24

    Reception were extremely excited to take off on another plane journey this week. They flew into China full of excitement! They have been busy learning about where China is on the map, what the flag looks like and the types of houses that they live in. We have been doing lots of craft activities, including lanterns, flags and pandas. We learnt about the Chinese New Year and the children had so much fun joining in with a dragon dance outside.

    In maths, we have been learning about 6, 7 and 8. The children enjoyed working with ten frames and counters to show numbers in different ways.

    Where will we fly to next?

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  • All Around The World

    Published 17/01/24

    Reception has had a wonderful start to a new term. We flew into our new topic 'All Around The World'. Our first stop was Cairo in Egypt. We have been learning all about Egypt's climate, landmarks and camels. We have written sentences about camels, made camel masks and have learnt to write in Hieroglyphics. The children have been enjoying our 'airport' role-play area.  They have experienced working at the check-in desk and acting as air stewards, passengers and pilots. We are looking forward to flying to a new country next week. We are so excited to find out where we are going to land!

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  • Experimenting Scientists

    Published 14/12/23

    Last week we learnt about the icy planets - Neptune and Uranus.

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  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast Off!!

    Published 29/11/23
    The fun continued in Reception with 'Rocket Day'. The children used their crafting skills to make wonderful rockets out of recycling boxes, bottles and foil. We sang songs and took our rockets on a journey to find the Moon. We
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  • Getting stuck into SPACE!

    Published 14/11/23
    Reception have really been getting stuck into their SPACE topic. Last week, we went on a journey into space to look at the stars, planets and the sun. We learnt many facts about the sun and created one for our classroom space stations. We also learnt
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  • Autumn walk and leaf painting

    Published 01/11/23

    The children have had a brilliant start to this half-term. At the end of last half-term we went on a wet, windy and muddy walk to Sheen common. The children thoroughly enjoyed being outdoors with their new class friends as well as spotting trees and collecting leaves. This week they have been very excited to experiment with colour and paint their Autumn leaves. In Maths we have been learning all about 1, 2, 3 and different ways of recognising these numbers. We have also been practising the correct formation for the numerals. The children have also been introduced to the Zones of Regulation. We have talked about different types of feelings and emotions and how they link to a colour. The children were very enthusiastic to talk about how they feel in different situations. We will continue to learn more about our feelings and strategies to help us regulate them.

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  • Healthy living!

    Published 12/10/23

    What a busy few weeks we have had in Reception. We have been learning all about 'Healthy Living'. We discussed what our bodies need to stay healthy and had lots of fun drawing around each other. We have enjoyed exploring fruit and vegetables and creating our own shops selling healthy foods. We have loved playing whole class games such a 'duck, duck, goose' to get our bodies moving outdoors. In maths, we have been learning about measures. We have been busy comparing mass, size and capacity with resources inside and outside our classrooms. We have loved learning our harvest songs, and we are all very excited to be performing them to our families at the end of the week.

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  • All about me and funky fingers.

    Published 27/09/23

    We have had a wonderful couple of weeks in reception! For our topic  'All about me' we have been drawing pictures of our families. The children used their beautiful collages (that they made at home) so that they could see what their families look like. We have also been learning about matching shapes, patterns and objects in maths. This was very helpful when they had to sort out all the pairs of socks. Reception have loved working in groups to complete their funky finger activities. These activities help to develop their fine motor skills. The highlight of the week for us was sharing books with the year 6 children who came to read with us one morning.

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  • Starting School

    Published 14/09/23
    The Reception children have all settled in really well and have had a very positive week. They have been busy exploring our learning areas and getting to know each other. We are very proud of them and are very much looking forward to our first f
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  • Pond dipping & final farewells

    Published 12/07/23

    Wow pond dipping was a lot of fun and incredibly interesting! The Reception children took turns in small groups to visit our school pond and investigate what's living within. They used nets to carefully catch nymphs and other water invertebrates and then looked at the pictures in the classification flow charts. They made good use of the magnifying glasses to make close observations before setting the animals free. What a day! 

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  • Making observations

    Published 29/06/23

    I bet you are impressed with our observational sketches! The children in Reception worked with great care and a careful eye to produce accurate sketches of our germinated bean seeds. They are excited with the growth and will draw one final sketch of their bean plant later in the year. Who knows how tall the beans will be by then? Perhaps they might be tall enough to climb! 

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