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Reception News

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  • Around the World!

    Published 14/01/22
    In Reception, the children began their 'Around The World' topic, setting up aeroplanes in the classrooms and talking about all the places they have visited. This week we are starting close to home, celebrating where we liv
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  • Christmas

    Published 17/12/21

    We have had a fantastic week in Reception. The children really enjoyed their Christmas dinner on Wednesday and their Christmas pantomime 'The Greediest Elf' on Thursday. This week we have also been making Christmas biscuits and icing them. All of the children have settled well and had a great first term in Reception. We hope you have a lovely Christmas holiday.

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  • Space and Christmas

    Published 10/12/21

    We have had a fantastic week in Reception looking at space and Christmas. We finished off our space topic at the beginning of the week looking at Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Towards the end of the week we started a few Christmas challenges.‚Äč The children made some fantastic transient art Christmas themed pictures. On Thursday the Christmas singing performance was a great success and the children all sang well, we loved seeing so many of you there, thank you for coming.

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  • Moving like an astronaut in space

    Published 03/12/21

    This week we have been learning the sounds sh, th, ng and nk. In P.E. the children pretended they were astronauts and Moon walked through hoops and pulled themselves along on a bench pretending they were moving around the International Space Station. One of the Rainbow Challenge pieces was hidden in a padlocked box and the children had to solve 4 addition number sentences to open the lock and find their piece, everyone had fun trying to open the lock. For the red challenge we wrote down some facts about space and any planets the children could think of.

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  • Space

    Published 26/11/21

    Reception are working hard on their phonics. This week we looked at the sounds z, qu and ch. We have been learning about the planets and looking into space. The children have been making their own space shuttles with junk modelling and construction. We have had a focus on the number 5.

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  • Colour mixing, seasons and space

    Published 19/11/21

    This week we continued our phonics looking at v, w, x and y.  The children had a great time mixing colours with a focus on making green, orange, purple and then brown. We then looked at some leaves from our Sheen Common walk and painted some trees with some autumn coloured leaves. After this we changed to our new topic of space and started learning about the Sun and the Moon.

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  • Sheen Common Autumn Walk

    Published 12/11/21

    Reception have been doing some fantastic phonics work this week; we have looked at the digraphs ff, ll, ss and the phoneme j. On Tuesday, we went on our first Sheen Mount trip out of school to Sheen Common for our autumn walk.  This was a great success and all the children and adults had fun. A big thank you to the parents who helped us on the trip. We continued exploring the pumpkins this week and the children have enjoyed making and tasting pumpkin soup. 

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  • Ordering and Weighing

    Published 05/11/21

    This week in phonics we have covered the phonemes h, b, f and l. It was great to hear the fun things that had happened over the half-term holiday. The children have enjoyed ordering and weighing all of the pumpkins and vegetables that you kindly sent in, they liked looking at the difference in all of their sizes. Everyone enjoyed hammering golf tees into the pumpkins. 

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  • Number 3

    Published 22/10/21

    We have had another fantastic week in Reception. Phonics has been going well and this week we looked at ck, e, u and r. 

    In maths we have been learning about the number 3 and the children have been working out all of the different ways to show it. They have had a great time looking for 3 in the environment as well, finding it in lots of different places. We carried the theme of 3 into our PE and each activity was linked to it.

    The children have been brilliant this half-term and have settled in well. We hope you all have a lovely half-term.

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  • Black History Month: Mo Farah and Faith Ringgold

    Published 15/10/21

    This week in Reception we have been learning the phonemes g, o, c, and k. In class we have been talking about Mo Farah and Faith Ringgold. We have been making pieces of art showing the children flying over somewhere they would love to be using Faith Ringgold's tapestry and quilt work for inspiration. We have had a focus on number 2, finding out about all of the different ways it can be made. The children have also been continuing their repeated pattern work. 

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  • Phonics and PE

    Published 08/10/21

    In phonics this week we have covered the phonemes p,i,n,m and d the children have been doing a great job with this. We had our first indoor PE session which went very well, all of the children listened brilliant and took part in the activities. The children have been working on putting on their own coats and doing up the zips. This is helping them to become more independent, as they can do this themselves when going out for playtime.

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  • Phonics, patterns and Christmas pictures

    Published 01/10/21

    We have had a brilliant week in Reception. The children have started to learn the first phonemes starting with s, a and t. They have enjoyed thinking of all the different things that begin with those sounds. In maths, we have been looking at shapes and patterns, we have all enjoyed making our own repeated patterns.  Although it may seem slightly early we have been making the Cauliflower groups Christmas picture cards and the children have been doing a great job with these. These will be coming home for you to look at next week. All of the children looked very smart for their first Sheen Mount School photograph.

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