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What's been happening in Year 1

This week has been another busy, fun week of learning in Year 1. We have been learning about another fable - the Hare and the Tortoise. We have : acted this out, sequenced the story, made a pictorial story map and written a diary entry as the tortoise. In art, we have been learning about printing and practising, using vegetables, making our very own prints. Can you guess which vegetables we used? We looked at the different shapes the vegetables could make and thought about which ones we would use to make an animal skin print next week . In maths, we have learnt about word problems and using "RUCSAC" to help us work out these out. We are very proud of the fact that we acted as "maths detectives" to find the language in the word problem. In Science, we have learnt about mammals and their key features. We learnt that mammals are warm- blooded and give birth to live baby animals. Did you know that a whale and a dolphin are mammals?