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Forest school fun!

Year 1 have had a lovely week, with the highlight being their Forest School Day on Wednesday. The children thoroughly enjoyed making beautiful crowns and sceptres, using things they found in our outdoor areas and we hope you enjoyed seeing what they made. They also had fun building homes for bugs in the afternoon, with some very elaborate creations and luxury homes for our bugs!

In history and English this week we looked at what happened during the Battle of Stamford Bridge. The children explored, through drama and writing, what it might have been like to be a soldier in the battle and also made a story map to sequence the events. The children are so excited to find out what happens next and who eventually becomes King, which we shall reveal next week! 

In maths, we have been looking at money with a focus on coin recognition and the value of each coin. We will be continuing to look at money and making different amounts next week so any extra practice by looking at coins and paying for things this weekend will be a help.