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Pond dipping and Orienteering!

Year 1 have had another brilliant week and coped very well in the heat! We have been orienteering in PE and enjoyed using a map of the field to find markers. We were able to use the positional and directional language that we learnt about in maths to help direct us to different points. 

In history, we have begun learning about the Middle Ages and discussing what life was like in the past. We then learnt about the four contenders for who should be the next King of England after Edward the Confessor. We had lots of fun learning about and acting out Harold Godwinson, William Duke of Normandy, Edgar the Atheling and fierce Harald Hadrada! In English, we wrote persuasively about who we thought should be the next King and why. 

In science, we have continued our topic of animals and discussed habitats. We went to the pond and managed to find lots of pond snails, pons skaters, dragonflies and even a newt! In computing we learnt to use paint and drew our a lovely self-portrait using different shapes and tools.