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Local walks and traditional tales!

The children have been very busy this week enjoying another traditional tale. We have been learning about Little Red Riding Hood and the children have worked on their acting skills by producing freeze frames to show different events in the story and discuss how different characters felt. We have also written a description of the wolf, and he was certainly not well thought of in Year 1! The children said he was ‘despicable, sneaky, ravenous and terrifying!'

In maths this week, we have focused on using dienes as a way of solving addition number sentences. The children have used them practically and drawn them to help them work out the answers to questions. They have really impressed us with how well they can do this, and we are sure they will be superstars when working out subtraction number sentences next week.

We have also been very lucky to go on local walks around Sheen Common with lovely weather and lots to look at! The children enjoyed time outdoors looking at different types of trees and plants, and this really brought to life our science lessons on plants from last term. ‚Äč

We hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend and see you on Tuesday.