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A wild rumpus!

Year 1 have had a brilliant week. We have been reading our story of Where the Wild Things Are and wrote party invitations to a wild rumpus! We then received an invitation from Max to our own class party and had lots of fun dancing and playing party games. After this, we wrote a recount all about it using conjunctions and sentence openers. In history, we have continued our learning about transport and for homework; we researched and made our own boats. We have very much enjoyed sharing these in class.

In maths, we have been learning about place value. We partitioned numbers into tens and ones using diennes. We also used the part part whole model to show this in circles and in a bar model. 

We have also been exploring materials and discussing their properties. We had a feely bag, had to explain what the material felt like, and then guessed what the object was made from.  

In PE ,we have been doing some gymnastics and enjoyed creating our own routines with shapes and balances.