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Hot air balloons and materials!

This week Year 1 have had lots of fun. We learnt all about the history of air transport starting with the hot air balloon invented by the Montgolfier brothers. We enjoyed making our own hot air balloons too using string and plastic bags. In English, we continued exploring 'Where the Wild Things Are'. We used our imagination to create our own island that Max would go and visit. We thought about what Max could see, hear and smell on the island using adjectives and sentence openers. We have also been learning about conjunctions and how we can join our ideas together. 

In maths, we have been learning all about place value and drawing our numbers in tens and ones using diennes.

We have also been exploring materials and carried out an experiment to test the strength of different materials. We created bridges using various materials such as metal, plastic, wood and paper and put cubes on top to see how strong each one was.

In design technology we started to learn about fruits and vegetables. We sorted pictures and discussed what made them a fruit or vegetable. We also wrote a list of some of our favourite fruits and vegetables.